Lessons and Classes - Beginner to Advanced:

Private Lessons:

Weekly private lessons are the surest way to learn to play classical guitar well or to advance your playing to the next level. I recommend them for all students. I also offer lessons every other week.

Group Lessons:

There are four classes: two for Reading, and one each for Ensemble and Performance. Each class has 3-6 students.

Reading classes: In both classes, you learn with a teaching method I developed specifically for classical guitar.Classes meet every other week.

Ensemble class: It is great fun to play as a group with members of the class. Individual parts are assigned. Musicality is stressed as you learn to improve your ability to handle different parts of ensemble compositions. Classes meet every other week. Interested students must be able to play and read. This class is not for beginners, an interview is required to assess playing and reading level

Performance Class: You will learn to play in front of an audience, control nervousness, listen more acutely, and express your musicality. You will play pieces on which you are already working and you receive mutually beneficial feedback from other class members, as well as myself. This is proven approach for advancing your skills to a more advanced level. Class meets every two months.